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Teresa Bevin is available for lectures, seminars and other professional presentations on psychotherapy, multicultural diversity, writing and bilingual authoring.

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A Review of the IPPY finalist book Dreams and Other Ailments/Sueños y otros achaques by Teresa Bevin

Reviewed by Julian Gabriel Colado, Editor,

This collection of short stories captures the reader's imagination from the first words of the first story, "For many nights, I dreamt of dead people." We are drawn in to the ordinary lives of ordinary people who by the time we finish the story has become extraordinary.

Teresa Bevin is the Cuban Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Her book is a collection of family stories, baring for all the conflicting feelings that both bind and pull families apart. Rafaela, in Sea of Words, says of her husband, "In a spot in the middle of her forehead, almost between her eyes, she sometimes felt a slight vibration. If she concentrated enough, she could inexplicably capture the essence of her husband's thoughts, and even his feelings. But only if she concentrated enough, if she cared enough." Here she delicately shows the lives of two very tired people bound to each other by a force whose origin neither can remember.

She paints a poignant portrait of her country. Before we know it, we are smelling strong Cuban coffee, lilac perfume, and feeling the humid air cling to our skin. Her characters have a hard life from which they eek an unexpected joy.

Her book is a quilt that we are lucky to have been able to wrap ourselves in for a few brief hours.